This is where Black and White Spies usually appear on the MAD Magazine's 200th decade Spin off MADtv.

# Season Episode Episode Name Description Original Airdate
1a Season 1 Episode 1 Bombing Black Spy finds out that the White Spy has finally plan to take down Black Spy's embassy. October 14, 1995
1b Season 1 Episode 1 Pogo Stick Black Spy Sneaks into the Top Secret by his Pogo stick.
2a Season 1 Episode 2 Gorilla
2b Season 1 Episode 2 Train
3 Season 1 Episode 3 Tuba Bang


Umbrella/Sewer Chase Edit Edit

Log Jam Edit Edit

Slinky/Sunbeam Edit Edit

Fun land/Torpedo Edit Edit

Jail Spring/Dream Research V1 Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Plunger/Tank Bomb Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Spaghetti Door/Spy Vs Spy-Fleas Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Macaroni Factory/Spy Vs Spy-Lab Fly Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Magnet Nail, Spy Vs Spy-Kill Command Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Rock Drop Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Hair Dryer Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Dream Tank/Bomb Assembly Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Slam Dunk Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Monkey Business Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Projector, Spy Vs Spy-Love Robot, Spy Vs Spy-Fail Safe Edit Edit

Spy Vs Spy-Sidewalk Switch Edit Edit

Black - White

Season 2/3 Edit Edit

Spy vs Spy - 3 little pigs

202 Spy Vs. Spy-Phone Gun

203 Spy Vs. Spy-Cats Cradle

204 Spy Vs. Spy - High Bed

205 Spy Vs. Spy-Cactus

206 Spy Vs Spy-Headphones

207 Spy Vs Spy - Defection

208 Spy Vs Spy-Mirror

209 Spy Vs Spy-Karate

210 Spy Vs Spy-TNT

211 Spy Vs Spy-Pool Table

212 Spy Vs Spy-Training Camp

213 Spy Vs. Spy-Microphone

214 Spy Vs Spy-Spaghetti

215 Spy Vs Spy-Bullet Proof

216 Spy Vs. Spy-Burning House

217 Spy vs. Spy-Gallows

218 Spy Vs. Spy-Air Attack

219 Spy Vs. Spy-Ants

220 Spy Vs. Spy-Brick Wall

221 Spy Vs. Spy-Guillotine

222 Spy Vs. Spy-Teatime

303 Spy vs. Spy: Trick Glasses

307 Spy Vs Spy: Zoo Monkey

Black - White