Black Spy was based on the main spy who actually appears on MAD with 103 episodes in total. He was White Spy's major rival. His birthday is now known and won more times than White Spy in the series first appeared in 2010 not to be confused with MADtv version by some same episodes that has been remake.

First Appearance: Avaturd/CSiCarly (2010)

Latest Appearance:

Alfred's Game / We Are X-Men (On animated;2013)

MAD: Casebook of Craziness (book edition)

Difference Edit

Cartoon Network Edit

  • Debuted in September 6 2010
  • Latest episode in December 2 2013
  • Four Fingers instead of 5
  • No pupils
  • Shorter
  • Win 52 segments
  • Different laugh
  • White Hair

Main Series Edit

  • Debuted in January 1 1961
  • Latest was in the latest issue
  • Five Fingers
  • Has pupils
  • Taller
  • Redesign 2 times so far
  • Currently the 3rd Generation
  • Black Hair