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So, did you ever wonder who the guy usually on the cover of Mad Magazine is? Did you ever wonder who the guy is on the Main Page is? Did you ever wonder why he was doing something stupid on the cover of Mad Magazine? He is Alfred E. Neuman!

Part Of His HistoryEdit

His name is Alfred E. Neuman. He is the world's biggest idiot and he is the mascot of Mad Magazine. He is on most of the issues. He was also featured on the page listing the departments that make up Mad Magazine. On the pages he says stuff like: "Naysayers have it all wrong!" and "Nowanddays the only time a drivers hand is at 10 and 2 is when there dialing!" His motto is: "What, me worry?"


According to Wikipedia, Alfred E. Neuman had been featured on other magazine covers. He had been claimed by Mad Magazine in the 1960s. One of the editors at Mad Magazine had claimed him. He was claimed and now these days he is usually featured on the cover of Mad Magazine.

The CoversEdit

In issue number 506, Alfred is holding his hand like a gun to his head, while 3 other people are holding their hands up like an L to their head for the Glee logo.

In the special edition Spy VS Spy version of Mad Magazine, Alfred has been confined to the corner of the magazine with just his face showing. Alfred is now known for being the world's biggest idiot.

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